Health Remains to be Filipinos’ Top Concern

According to Pulse Asia’s most recent survey, Filipinos rank health as their highest priority. The nationwide survey on urgent personal concerns was conducted last December 6 – 11. 1,200 individuals with ages 18 and above were personally asked by Pulse Asia for their top three urgent concerns.


From the list provided by the interviewees, ‘staying healthy’ garnered a 63% rating. It is the only concern that was identified as urgent by the majority of all geographic areas and socio-economical classes. Its top ranking remains unchanged since 2012, along with most of the other listed concerns.


The survey shows that much is expected from our healthcare sector to respond to Filipinos’ medical needs. Current national healthcare conditions, however, are still ill-equipped to address these demands. The country is suffering from a 1 : 33,000 doctor to patient ratio, according to DOH Secretary Paulyn Rosell – Ubial. During an interview with CNN Philippines’ The Source, she stated that approximately 2,600 doctors are produced every year. This number is a far cry from the 15,000 doctors required to sufficiently meet the health-related needs of every Filipino.