5 Most Innovative Health Devices for the Family

Self-monitoring and DIY health analysis at the comfort of our homes seems to be the trend for this year’s health innovations. From real-time readings to direct data collection, these wearable devices are about to revolutionize the way we experience healthcare.
1. Health-monitoring Diapers
Smart Diapers, the brainchild of New York City-based Pixie Scientific, are infant diapers that can detect UTIs. These diapers have reagents that react to leukocytes and nitrites. They can also measure electrolyte concentrations and determine the urine’s pH. Its adult version, the Pixie Brief, has recently been launched in the market.

2. A Check-up in Your Pocket
Back in 2013, the company Scanadu led a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign for their Scanadu Scout. One glance at the product’s description and you’ll see why. Scanadu Scout is a lightweight device that can measure key vital signs like temperature, heart rate, and hemoglobin. All the user has to do is place it on the forehead for 30 seconds. With the ability to transfer data into smartphones, this technology could be a critical instrument for emergency cases.

3. All-in-One Thermometer
Smart Stick Thermometer, an advanced thermometer from Kinsa Health, provides more than the degree-by-degree rise of body temperature. It has features that interpret symptoms, give personalized guidance, and track the family’s health history. It has a database called ‘health weather’ which tells if your community is currently affected by infectious diseases like the flu or strep throat. Its connectivity also allows makes medical diagnosis easier for your doctor since the data needed can be accessed through your smartphone.

4. Wearable Fall Cushion
This hip protection garment by ActiveProtective is designed for the elderly to anticipate falls. If the wearer’s movement strays from the norm and indicates a fall, the 3D motion sensor would activate the micro-airbag. The garment can also initiate a call for help.
5. Smart Pill Bottles
The time and frequency of medication intake plays a huge role in its effectiveness. The minds behind AdhereTech acknowledged this by creating a pill bottle that produces real-time alerts. It glows blue when the medication is supposed to be taken and when an intake is missed, the bottle will glow red and beep. It also sends reminders via text message or phone call.


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