Top 10 Rarest Types of Doctors

Doctors, in general, have been treating patients for as long as we can remember. We usually refer to them as doctors, not really getting the gist of what they actually do. In simpler terms, we don’t know their specialty. When we were young, we might’ve come across pediatricians (specialists for children’s diseases) or dermatologists (specialists for skin care) and we’d only call them doctors.
Below are some of the rarest doctors you’ve probably never even heard of:

1. Geriatric Medicine Specialists

rarest doctors

These doctors specialize on caring for the elderly. They usually work in retirement homes, assisted-living centers, and of course, in hospitals. 

2. Hospice and Palliative Medicine Specialists  

These doctors care for those people who are nearing death and are therefore experts in pain management. This specialty is definitely not an easy job, especially for those with soft spots for their patients.

3. Physiatrists

rarest doctors

These doctors specialize in physical medicine as well as the rehabilitation treat of the neck or back caused by accidents or diseases. Also, they tackle sports or spinal injuries as well as other disabilities involving that certain region of the body. Due to the spelling, however, people often confuse them for psychiatrists. 

4. Podiatrists 

rarest doctors

They are likewise called “foot doctors” because they specialize in problems concerning the feet or ankles caused by accidents in sports as well as those from ongoing health conditions like diabetes. 

5. Sleep Medicine Specialists  

rarest doctors

If you consequently find yourself in a troubled, sleeping state, you would probably want to visit this doctor. They find and treat the causes behind your poor sleep. They could also suggest ways on how to keep track of your sleep-wake patterns. 

6. Hyperbaric Physicians 

rarest doctors

They are called hyperbaric since they use a higher pressure of oxygen in treating decompression illnesses and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

7. Neonatologists  

The doctors in this area specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in newborns. They are usually found in neonatal intensive care units to check on premature babies or those babies born with infections and other health problems. 

8. Perinatologists

rarest doctors
When a woman encounters a problem during pregnancy, these doctors are the ones they consult with. They specialize with the care of complicated, high-risk pregnancies as well as those pregnant women with chronic medical conditions. They are also referred to as maternal-fetal medicine.

9. Naturopathic Doctors

rarest doctors
These doctors focus primarily on the holistic healing system. They help in facilitating the body’s natural healing abilities to subsequently restore the balance. Due to the nature of their work, they usually function in private clinics and other community health centers. 

10. Andrologists   

rarest doctors
If Gynecologists are those who specialize in the treatment of the female reproductive organ, this is the counterpart for that. Andrologists specialize with helping male patients with urological, sexual, and reproductive problems particularly unique to men.