7 Eerie Similarities Between Med Techs and Vampires

Halloween is now here and so are the creepy creatures of the night. What is Halloween without the terrible nights and unbearable frights, right? To med techs, however, Halloween is just a mere occasion – nothing more and nothing less. Since we run the laboratory with blood, specimens, and bodily fluids, we’re pretty much immune to all the scares and gore Halloween has to offer. One might even think that we’re too comfortable, at ease enough to secretly be vampires in disguise, preying on the living through their internal juices, perhaps? (*cue scary harpsichord music*)

We’re kidding, of course. We’re the good guys. Promise!

Here are the top 7 reasons why it’s not so weird to mistake med techs as vampire.

Blood vampires

Much like vampires, medical technologists are insanely familiar with human blood. The only difference is that we don’t drink it. Probably because we know that hemochromatosis (iron overdose) is a thing. Complications within the liver and nervous system could also happen. Just don’t ask us why we know the consequences of drinking blood.

Sleepless Nightsvampires

According to myths and legends, vampires are vulnerable to sunlight which could burn their skin the instant it hits them. This causes their sleeping habits to be different from humans, staying awake in the night and asleep by day. This is also the case for us medical technologists. Releasing results from reading and examining specimens would sometimes take hours and we are also on call pretty much any time of the day. #WhatIsSleep

Stakes vampires

Stakes have been a part of the vampire lore since the olden times. So it makes sense that for us medical technologists, we got ourselves an updated version of the stake – our trusty pipettes. With the perfect grip and weight, our pipettes can become the extension of our arms. Just don’t let the hand cramps get to you.


As mentioned before, vampires are allergic to the sun. Apparently, turning into ash is not much fun. On the brighter side (see what we did there?), medical technologists do not burn. We just aren’t a big fan of sunlight. It can affect our photosensitive specimens, okay? We also may or may not have forgotten  how sunlight feels like since we’ve literally been in the lab the whole day. Hahahahahuhuhuhu

Dark and Sunken Eyesvampires

Because of our sleepless nights, we are known to have dark circles under our eyes, making us look like the undead vampires. It’s just that those tests aren’t gonna run themselves, you know. We have to sacrifice a bit to do what only few people can. Note that we said “a bit”. Sleep is still a necessity, even for us almost-vampires.

Coats vampires

Contrary to popular belief, capes were only recently associated with vampires. It wasn’t until Bram Stoker’s Dracula when it adapted by the media throughout the years. But for as long as med techs existed, so did our ever-so chic lab coats. #classic


Similar to Dracula who lived in an old, creepy castle, we have our own castles too – our laboratory. It may not always be heaven but it is our familiar home and fortress from the outside world, should we ever want to escape reality and get lost in our jobs. #MedTechLife