6 Signs a Career in Med Tech is Perfect For You


Deciding which medical career to pursue can be tough. With a lot of options to choose from, one medical profession often gets overlooked: medical technology. Due to the consistent demand for medtechs in the country, we’ve decided to highlight the unsung heroes in the laboratories and the characteristics that make them equipped for their job. If you see yourself having these 6 qualities, the med tech life may be for you.

1. You’ve always loved science.

Much like anyone in the medical industry, med techs need to have a solid science background, specifically in biology, chemistry, and physiology.  If you were the kind of kid that loved looking for clues or learning what goes on inside our body, then medical technology can be pretty thrilling. You don’t need to know everything right away, of course. What matters is your curiosity and eagerness to learn.
Also, you may have watched Dexter’s Laboratory way too much.

2. You have no trouble working both on your own and with a team.

The lab can be a pretty contained environment. You will share your work space with other med techs and at times rely on each other to get the job done. There are also instances when you’d be working alone with your microscope or pipette. It will be really helpful for a med tech to be able to function in both situations.
Lab is where the squad is.

3. You see value in the tiny details.

With the majority of medical decisions relying on their results, accuracy is the name of the game for med techs. Those with nitpicky habits and perfectionist tendencies will fit right in the medical lab. Med techs also perform detail-oriented tasks such as compiling, coding, and categorizing. This career is definitely for those who understand that every little detail matters in getting the right results.
Working with microscopes lets you know the extent of what the little things can do.

4. You like working behind the scenes.

Compared to other medical professionals, med techs don’t interact much with the patients. Most of their time are spent within the confines of the lab. This may be why medical technologists are not as well-known as doctors or nurses. But do not be fooled by the lack of attention. Med techs fulfill vital roles in healthcare. If you prefer performing high-stakes jobs minus the spotlight, then medical technology may be your calling.
The lab is basically the backstage of the hospital.

5. You are comfortable with repetition.

For some people, the cyclical nature of some of our tasks may seem tiring. Pipetting for long periods of time is definitely not for everyone. Redundant tasks can become dull but for med techs, somebody’s well being depends on each test. This mentality keeps med techs from doing their job robotically. This job can still be fulfilling despite the routine for those with the right outlook.
Med tech life in one picture.

6. But you can also adapt to surprises.

As everyone in the medical field can tell you, you never really know what will come through the door. Med techs analyze pretty much everything that comes from the human body. Every sample is unpredictable, much like the people that produced them. It is important for med techs to be ready for anything. And to have strong stomachs.
And to have really long patience.