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Internal Validation

Upon their arrival from the principals, all of our products go through our technical department for extensive internal validations and samplings.

Cold Storage

The quality of these products are closely monitored and safeguarded through our temperature-controlled storage system.

Business Development Officers

MEDTEK’s business development officers routinely engage with our current partner institutions and draw in prospective ones to expand the reach of our products.

Distributors & Product Transportation

Our prompt transportation system and nationwide distribution network guarantee our products’ speedy transfer from our warehouses to the client’s doorsteps.

Product Specialists

Product specialists provide trainings and orientations to equip our clients with the necessary knowledge behind our products.

Product Demonstrations & Evaluations

Demonstrations and evaluations are conducted for the clients to exhibit the products’ efficiency and ease of use.


We can integrate our analyzers into laboratories with efficiency and speed while providing essential information on the products’ operations.

Product Trainings

Product trainings are conducted during and after installations to ensure our clients’ thorough familiarity on the proper use and maintenance of our products.

Service Engineers

Service engineers perform routine rounds to install our newly purchased units for our clients as well as perform the monthly product maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

Monthly check-ups and calibration are performed on our products after their purchase to regulate the analyzers’ level of proficiency.

Software Upgrades

We perform software upgrades for the customers to keep the machines up-to-date with the latest software modifications.


MEDTEK makes itself readily available for our clients’ concerns through frequent CMEs and consultations conducted by our product specialists.

Service Unit Replacement

In the event of malfunctioning or defective units, the company readily provides its clients with replacements to support our clients’ management flow.

24/7 Customer Service Report

If ever our clients require any product-related assistance, they can easily contact us through our hotline 0917-8MEDTEK and receive immediate response.

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