6 Alternative Careers for Med Tech Graduates


Becoming a medical technologist is what you have envisioned for yourself when you took your Med Tech classes. From the moment you filled out that college application form, the vision was pretty clear. You’d be in lab coats and gloves, holding your trusted pipette, test tubes, and microscopes day in and day out.
While the #LabLife dream comes closer to reality after graduation, it’s still worth noting that your Med Tech degree has also prepared you for careers beyond the lab. For this week’s list, we’ll be presenting you with alternate careers that you can pursue with your hard-earned Med Tech education.

Product Manager/Specialist

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Why You Should Consider It:
Lots of biomedical companies (including MEDTEK) are in constant demand of product managers and specialists with extensive medical and technical knowledge – an edge that your course and experiences have granted you. Having close encounters with the needs of medical laboratories, you’ll also be able to provide valuable insight into what the med tech market needs.

Quality Assurance Officer

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Why You Should Consider It:
Medical technologists rely heavily on the accuracy of diagnostic tests and equipment. That’s why these tests and equipment must undergo rigorous quality validation. This task falls in the hands of Quality Assurance Officer. They ensure that all medical products and equipment to be used are validated and registered. If you are very details orinted but still see the bigger picture in terms of quality, this may be the job for you.

Medical Copywriter

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Why You Should Consider It:
If your skillset includes writing and research, why not try copywriting for healthcare companies? Your exposure to the medical industry would aid you in choosing relevant content and topics to create and distribute. This position would let you produce written marketing content, create online blog entries, or manage social media campaigns and promotions. You could provide your company with the voice to boost its presence in the industry as well as promote discussions that you think would interest your audience.

Business Development Officer

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Why You Should Consider It:
One of the most lucrative alternative career options for med techs is to become a business development officer (BDO). Much like with Product Specialists, your inside knowledge on laboratory processes and requirements is a great asset for this line of work. You’ll also get to travel and interact with other medical technologists and hospital personnel, perfect for building your industry network.

Medical Researcher

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Why You Should Consider It:
If the lab is where your heart is, maybe medical research could be an option for you. This profession will let you exercise all that you’ve learned from college but within a different context. Instead of running tests in a hospital setting, you’ll now conduct studies and researches on the prevention and treatment of human diseases. If you’re looking for something familiar but not as repetitive, medical research could be the job for you.

Medical Doctor

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Why You Should Consider It:
This path would obviously require you to take further studies but as far as pre-med courses go, med tech arguably provides the most comprehensive training. You received clinical exposure with the program. You’ve fulfilled most – if not all – of your prereqs. And once you’re in med school, the critical information from courses such as hematology and immunology would already set you ahead in your classes.


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