Philippines’ COVID-19 Suppression Ranks 66th out of 91 Countries

On a recent study conducted by the Lancet, the success of the COVID-19 response of 91 countries were evaluated. The peer-reviewed medical journal submitted their findings to the 75th session of the UN General Assembly. On their list, the Philippines took the 66th place for virus suppression.

How We Placed 66th

The ranking released by the Lancet is based on the averaged August incidence (the number of new cases per million population per day) of each country. The study determined that “newly confirmed infections are the most straightforward measure of the rate of transmission of the virus.

The countries ranked were divided into the following classifications: suppression (the new cases ≤ 5), low transmission (the new cases ≤ 10), moderate transmission (the new cases ≤  50), high transmission (the new cases ≤ 100), and very high transmission (the new cases ≤ 100).

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From these classifications, the Philippines was categorized as having “moderate transmission”. For the month of August, we recorded 37.5 new infections per million daily. Our country also had 0.5 new deaths per million per day on the same month.

DOH’s Response
Despite having one of the longest lockdown recorded, our country still only managed to attain a dismal international placing in the fight against COVID-19. Our present ranking calls to question the effectivity of our COVID-19 response measures.

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Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire spoke on behalf of the DOH during the virtual press briefing held last September 23. “We always receive comments. There are rankings, specific comments,” she stated. “But for us, we will continue to work. We will work together).” The department appears undeterred and is committed to continuing their battle against the pandemic, further emphasizing that “Whatever the comment is, we will continue to work to fight this disease, and take care the whole population.”

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