Coapresta 2000 (Coagulation Analyzer)

Coapresta 2000 is a blood coagulation analyzer that can offer the benefits of a small footprint with a high throughput to your laboratory’s work management. CP2000 system is a flexible choice for laboratories of all sizes.

Manufactured by Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.
Made in Japan

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400 tests per hour
Small footprint of only 0.48m2
Can run 20 items simultaneously
Analysis principles: Light Scattering Photometry and Absorbance Photometry
Rack-turntable system that can hold up to 60 samples
Calibration Curve
     Automatic Dilution Setting
     INR Calibration Curve
     Automatic Switching of Calibration Curves
     Multi-point Calibration Curve
Quality Control: X-chart, Twin Plot
Handheld 2-dimension code reader

CE Marked
ISO Certified
Quality Assured by MEDTEK