TUBEX Typhoid Rapid Test

The TUBEX Typhoid Rapid Test is a semi-quantitative in-vitro diagnostic serum assay that detects current typhoid infection based on the easy identification of S. typi anti-09 IgM antibodies.

Manufactured by IDL Biotech AB
Made in Sweden

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Sample type: serum
Analysis time: 10 minutes
Analysis principle: Inhibition Magnetic Binding Immunoassay (IMBI)
Sensitivity: 94%; Specificity: 88%
Color-based intensity scale for easy interpretation of results

36 test cards (individually foil pouched with a desiccant)
TUBEX TF blue reagent (1 vial, 3 ml)
TUBEX TF brown reagent (1 vial, 1.5 ml)
TUBEX TF negative control (1 vial, 0.4 ml)
TUBEX TF positive control (1 vial, 0.4 ml)
TUBEX color scale (1 piece, with embedded magnets)
TUBEX colored stickers
TUBEX pipettes (32 pieces, plastic, single-use dropper)
TUBEX reaction well strip (5 strips, 6 reaction wells/strip)
TUBEX sealing tape (8 strips)

CE Marked

BFAD Ref No. 0381
ISO Certified
Quality Assured by MEDTEK

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