Featured LAB of February 2016: Metro Lemery Medical Center


Written by Ericka Cayton

For February 2016, MEDTEK selected Metro Lemery Medical Center as its Featured LAB of the Month. Located in Lemery, Batangas, the MEDTEK Team visited the laboratory and conducted a simple and fun-filled activity among its personnel on February 26. This monthly Featured LAB is dedicated to show appreciation and gratitude to the strong perseverance of medical technologists all over the country.

The activity started with a brief introduction of the company, a discussion about the Featured LAB Program, and the awarding of the laboratory’s certificate as this month’s Featured LAB. Afterwards, a focused group discussion was held where the personnel enthusiastically answered some intriguing and personal questions. The interaction built a good camaraderie among the members of both teams.

The medical technologists gladly shared with us that MEDTEK products are user-friendly and very efficient in the lab. Likewise, they discussed that whenever they have concerns regarding the machines, they appreciate how fast and attentive our sales engineers operate and address their problems. The laboratory uses and trusts MEDTEK products such as the i-STAT and products from MAN Pharma like SelexOn and the Clover HbA1C Analyzer. MEDTEK believes that all medical technologists deserve to be treated for their vital role in patient diagnosis. As such, its Featured Lab program campaigns in recognizing the conscientious efforts of medical technologists throughout the country.