MEDTEK at the 38th PSMID Annual Convention

For its 38th annual convention, the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (PSMID) took on the task of updating its members with the current changes and challenges coming their way. Held at the Crowne Plaza Galleria Hotel, the three-day event covered numerous topics and discussions with eight plenaries, ten industry sponsored symposia, nine convention symposia, and the 18th Dr. Elpidio L. Gamboa Memorial Lecture. These were all in line with the theme of the event, ‘ID: Infectious Diseases, Insightful Discernment’. This year’s theme promotes the practice of making informed decisions from the society’s members. Thus, PSMID makes sure that the members are informed enough with the recent progresses to be effective in the diagnosis and treatments of their patients.

The event began the morning of November 23, 2016. The delegates were presented with numerous activities arranged by the PSMID committee. Registrations began at 7 AM and was followed by the opening ceremonies a little while later. The ceremonies were brief and the delegates were quickly ushered into the first of the many plenaries of the event. By 9:45 AM, the exhibits were opened for the members. The MEDTEK team had already set up its booth for the exhibit hours before in the Sapphire AB hall and readily welcomed the curious medical practitioners as they explored the exhibit. As a partner sponsor of this year’s convention, MEDTEK highlighted its diagnostic products for infectious diseases which may greatly contribute to prospective clients’ laboratories. Some of the products promoted were the InTec ELISA test kits, the TUBEX TF, and the EasyNAT TB-CPA. Interested delegates had a lot of inquiries which were readily answered by the MEDTEK team present. The booths remained open to be visited by delegates for the rest of the convention. The delegates were then shuffled from one plenary to another, each lecture featuring an engaging prominent speaker from the community. The day ended with a friendly quiz bowl which was thoroughly enjoyed by the members.

The second day of the convention introduced the delegates to more informative plenaries and symposia. The 18th Dr. Elpidio L. Gamboa Memorial Lecture was also held that morning by Dr. Iris Thiele Isip – Tan, an endocrinologist of the Philippine General Hospital. As the recipient of the 2014 PCP Presidential Award for Social Media Advocacy, she was the most apt lecturer for a talk entitled ‘Social Media in Providing Healthcare’. The chosen topic for the lecture is a clear indicator of the society’s keen ability to adapt to the times. An Infectious Diseases Research Forum took place as well, showcasing researches that will aid in the society’s fight against the country’s infectious diseases. Later that afternoon, the delegates had the yearly Infectious Diseases Fellows’ Debate, where they took the opportunity for healthy competitive discourses on controversial issues and resolutions. This enacts the community’s desire to learn from the varying perspective of its members to find a more comprehensive approach to polarizing topics. The second day closed with a fellowship night for the PSMID members who took it as a chance to bond with their colleagues and peers.

On November 25, 2016, the convention drew to a close. The last day was spent on the final batch of symposia. The day began with the InterRactive Anti-Infectives ConSensus Meeting, a partnership lecture conducted by PSMID and Pfizer. There was a lecture called Meet the Experts where Dr. Evelyn T. Alesna of Chong Hua Hospital and Dr. Esther Z. Penserga of the Philippine General Hospital discussed the topic Diagnostic and Management Dilemmas. Laboratory issues and the ways to resolve them were tackled to assist the delegates’ laboratory management. The final event of the convention was the closing ceremonies. It was spent on summarizing the entire convention and what it hoped it had imparted to the members. By 7:30 PM, the three-day assembly had officially ended, leaving its yearly impression of purpose and betterment onto its delegates.