JARC Group’s 14th Anniversary Celebration

MEDTEK, along with the rest of the JARC Group of Companies, has witnessed immense growth these past years. These achievements, along with the hard-working individuals that made them possible, are not to be left unrecognized. The opportunity to celebrate these successes perfectly presented itself in the form of JARC Group’s 14th anniversary. As a yearly tradition, the company anniversary is met with much excitement, more so for this year’s festivities. Arrangements were made to coincide team-building activities with the anniversary celebrations, something that had not occurred in the past couple of years.

On the Sunday morning of May 7, 2017, the eager employees of the JARC Group of Companies all assembled on the MEDTEK parking lot. A convoy of cars were arranged to transport everyone to their destination. The travel lasted a couple or so hours and by lunchtime, everyone found themselves in the sunny trail leading to Calatagan’s Stilts Resort. The popular Batangas destination boasts of a sprawling 24-hectares coverage, utilized to the fullest with pools, gardens, activity areas, and a long stretch of pristine white beach. The JARC Group was treated to its numerous idyllic cottages, some of which stood on the eponymous stilts by the shoreline. The soothing ambiance of the resort makes it the ideal summer getaway for some much-deserved break, a conclusion everyone reached the moment they felt the sand between their toes.


After settling into their assigned cottages and changing into their JARC Group shirts, everyone was led to the dining area of the resort. A run-through of the afternoon’s team-building itinerary was conducted. The entire group was then broken off into six teams which would last the entire trip. The first day’s challenge was an Amazing Race of sorts that had the teams scampering from one part of the resort to another, eager to complete each given task. The relay activities ranged from physical games like the scavenger hunt to more mentally challenging ones like Sudoku. After hours of fun and excitement, the winning group was declared. A processing session was held later, with the learned values of teamwork and friendly competition translated into the corporate context.



The thrill of competition maintained its momentum all the way to next day’s new set of challenges. By 9 AM, the teams have already assembled. With a marshal stationed at every game stop, each group combined its members’ strengths and wits to garner as much points as possible. In between laughs and strategies, everyone found the chance to learn more and bond with one another. That afternoon marked the last of team-building activities with all the teams coming together to fulfill one final task. It proved that JARC Group can overcome anything if everyone is onboard to help.



Later that evening, everyone headed to the beach in their best pastel-colored summer attire. The stage was all set for the yearly awards night. Deserving employees from each company received trophies and certificates throughout the celebration. Some of the notable acknowledgements included the Rookie of the Year Awards, the Loyalty Awards, the Golden Eagle Award, and the very first Top Salesman of the Year award. Videos by the Marketing Department were shown to welcome new employees and to recognize the loyalty awardees. The night ended with drinks, games, and impromptu performances to celebrate another year of success and achievements.