The Nutrition Council’s Call for Food Reformulation


As part of this year’s Nutrition Month celebration, the National Nutrition Council is calling for a re-evaluation of the food intake of the average Filipino. This is a response to the recent statistics of our unhealthy food consumption behaviour. 7 out of 10 Filipino households do not get the sufficient dietary nutrition required to take on our day-to-day activities.

Collaborative Efforts

NNC deputy executive director Azucena Dayanghirang said that the council intends to meet with the country’s top food manufacturers and food chains to promote their nationwide plans. “We want to tell food manufacturers and the trade industry that we are advocating for reformulation,” she stated. In hopes for a fruitful collaboration, the NNC is willing to extend their assistance for food manufacturers and food chains to reformulate healthier products.
The council is pushing for a stricter and more widespread implementation of better food options. It wants to emphasize the importance of meals consisting of different food groups, including vegetables, grains, lean meat, eggs, and nuts. Proper balance and moderation must be exercised.

Restraining from Unhealthy Food

Intake of fat, sugar, and salt must also be lessened. Filipinos have developed a habit of consuming nutrient-poor food products that are high in saturated fats, trans fat, refined carbohydrates, and sodium.
According to FNRI, the Filipino’s dietary pattern showed a consistent decline in consumption of fruits and vegetable for the past 35 years. The UN health agency estimate that this behavior contributes to 2.8% of deaths worldwide, causing gastrointestinal cancer, ischemic heart attack disease, and stroke.