2 Donated Blood Packs Tested HIV-Positive


The Philippine Red Cross – Batangas chapter was able to detect two HIV-positive blood packs from their blood bank. During the recent “Kapihan sa PIA (Philippine Information Agency)” forum, PRC Batangas’ administrator, Ronald Generoso, revealed that their strict blood screening processes made the quick discovery possible.

Due to strict confidential protocols, the identities of the HIV-positive donors were not revealed. Generoso confirmed, however, that these individuals have been notified of their findings.

He later explained that they have every blood donation subjected to confirmatory tests. They then separate the donations that test positive in parameters such as HIV, syphilis, malaria, and hepatitis A, B, and C.

“Sometimes they (HIV-positive donors) just donate their blood as a confirmatory test,” said the administrator. “They intentionally donate to confirm earlier test findings”. He added that there are HIV-positive donors who really are unaware of their condition.

According to the HIV and AIDS Registry of the Philippines, the DOH collected a total of 550 HIV-positive units from the blood bank last year. They had segregated and sent the tainted units to the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM) for further confirmatory tests.

The Philippines is among the countries with the fastest-rising number of HIV cases. We now have around 10,500 cases, significantly higher than 2010’s 4,300 cases.