7 Weird Truths About Laboratory Fashion

1. It is a scientific fact that a timer clipped to your hip would make you 2x cooler.

Make sure to use it every 3 minutes for full coolness effect.

2. You have absolutely zero idea what wearing a clean lab coat would actually feel like.

Does a clean lab coat actually even exist?

3. No lab coat in the world would fit you better than that old lab coat of yours.

And changing to a new lab coat always makes you feel weird, maybe even a little bit guilty.

4. You've accidentally worn a personal protective equipment outside the lab more than once.

Then you try to own it by saying “You can never be too safe.”

5. You can definitely tell which lab coats are expensive and which ones are cheap.

One look is all it takes.

6. Having matching outfits really makes you and your lab mates feel like a team.


7. Open-buttoned lab coats + wind + dramatic pose = your everyday lab entrance

Lab coats are basically the closest thing we have to capes and we’re gonna make the most of it.