i-STAT: The Point-of-Care Device for COVID-19 Patient Management

In the context of the coronavirus outbreak, the i-STAT is a point-of-care device equipped with features that are especially beneficial to all healthcare practitioners. With its flexible functionality, the i-STAT has become the device of choice for first responders in countries with significant numbers of confirmed cases such as the US, China, and Australia. We believe that this device could also be maximized by Filipino hospitals who are in need of heightened patient management.

Immediate Results at Patients’ Bedside

The i-STAT is specifically designed for critical diagnostic needs, particularly during outbreaks when the control of patient volume is crucial. By accelerating the availability of diagnostic test results, the i-STAT allows healthcare professionals to make rapid decisions, enhancing the quality of care and improving system efficiency. The use of minimal whole blood samples and capacity to monitor multiple parameters at once promote a faster turnaround time for patients as well.

Restricted Contamination

The i-STAT’s compact structure also enables it to be utilized in quarantined areas without fear of cross-contamination for both the healthy patients and the healthcare providers. Blood samples will no longer be transported to the lab, effectively restricting its mobility and any possible contamination. A single operator can handle it with ease, letting other healthcare providers to focus on other tasks. As a battery-operated device, it can function even without being reliant to an adaptor. It also does not require maintenance and reagents which can reduce significant cost of care.

Testing Flexibility

With its wide array of cartridges, the i-STAT analyzer can efficiently perform diagnostics for coagulation, arterial blood gases, chemistry, cardiac markers, electrolytes, and hematology. Majority of the COVID-19 related deaths are for patients who were already suffering from previous conditions such as lung cancer, high blood, diabetes, and heart disease. With this in mind, i-STAT has particular cartridges that can provide results for parameters that are vital for COVID-19 patient monitoring.

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(Na, K, iCa, Glu, Hct, Hgb, pH, PCO2, PO2, TCO2, HCO3, Base Excess (BE), sO2)
For patients who have severe pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, or diabetes, CG8+’s capability to test blood gases, electrolytes and glucose can effectively monitor their conditions.

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(Na, K, Cl, TCO2, Anion Gap, iCa, Glu, BUN/Urea, Crea, Hct, Hgb)
Dialysis patients need to have their chemistries consistently in surveillance. With CHEM8+’s extensive chemistry parameters, the i-STAT can fulfill this function in just 2 minutes.

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(Lactate, pH, PCO2, PO2, TCO2, HCO3, Base Excess (BE), sO2)
The patients in the ICU who are under septic shock require certain parameters such as blood gases and lactate to be monitored, which can be achieved through the CG4+ test cartridge.

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Cardiac Markers

(cTnI, BNP, CK-MB)
With heart disease as one of the top reasons of death for COVID-19 patients, parameters such as troponin I are necessary to monitor. With our cTnI, BNP, and CK-MB cardiac markers, the i-STAT can deliver these results in just 5 – 10 minutes.

As our country continues to face the coronavirus outbreak, hospitals nationwide are in crucial need of fast and reliable technologies that could ease their workload significantly. With i-STAT, healthcare practitioners are enabled to make crucial decisions in minutes while effectively managing the rising influx of patients.

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