How i-STAT Aids Filipino Frontliners Against COVID-19

During this pandemic, our healthcare facilities have had to face numerous pressing concerns. These include the increase in patient volume and the need for continuous monitoring in respiratory care patients.

With so many constraints facing our overworked frontliners, the point-of-care technology of i-STAT blood analyzer delivers the speed and reliability crucial to every hospital’s COVID-19 response system.

i-STAT in Action
The benefits of using the i-STAT for COVID-19 patients management have been evident for the healthcare providers of Pasig City Children’s Hospital. “As a COVID-19 referral facility, the i-STAT has proved to be an essential POCT machine to us,” shared by Germy Vincent Salvaloza, the hospital’s chief medtech.

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Now with 2 units of i-STAT analyzers installed, the dedicated professionals of Pasig City Children’s Hospital can maximize the capabilities of the analyzer to the fullest. Mr. Salvaloza went on to elaborate i-STAT’s usefulness in their workflow, saying that “due to area restrictions, it is easier for us to take the machine to the bedside of the patient to facilitate faster testing. ABG testing is of utmost importance in monitoring our patients, most of who suffer from respiratory symptoms. It helped us manage a lot of patients in a timely manner.”

The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, as our country’s premier COVID-19 testing center, is among the most impacted facilities during the outbreak. Now with their i-STAT analyzers in hand, their frontliners are more equipped than ever to respond to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Gleene Marie Reforsado, one of RITM’s respiratory therapists, described having the i-STAT analyzer as “handy and effective in saving time and effort.” In a fast-paced setting, the i-STAT’s portable structure and quick turnaround time make all the difference. The i-STAT analyzer’s extensive cartridge menu also aids our frontliners, with Ms. Reforsado saying that “the i-STAT successfully meets our demands.”

For the effective monitoring and treatment for all Filipino COVID-19 patients, MEDTEK hopes to offer our healthcare providers the i-STAT blood analyzer. This revolutionary point-of-care technology from Abbott is designed to identify the deteriorating health in patients and to distinguish and assist patients that are critically ill. For hospitals interested in purchasing our i-STAT blood analyzer, please feel free to fill out the form below.