First Class Hematology Innovation with Hemaline 300

Through MEDTEK, the MDX Netherlands brings the Hemaline 300 to the Filipino healthcare professionals, Launched in July 2021 for the Philippine market, the Hemaline 300 is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories. This 3-part European hematology innovation evaluates the human blood cells to provide the necessary information for clinical diagnosis.

Extensive Diagnostic Features

The Hemaline 300 is both exceptional and convenient by design. Its state-of-the-art features like its 10.4-inch color LCD display, Linux operation system, and low maintenance self-checking system take intuitive self-regulating technology to the next level.

The Hemaline 300 can yield quality results for 60 tests per hour. It can be used with difficult-to-draw patients (infants, oncology, and elderly) because it only needs 10 µL (whole blood) or 20 µL (pre-diluted blood) for its sample requirement – just about a drop of blood.

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Reliability in Performance

Precision is front and center in Hemaline 300’s operations, all thanks to its electrical impedance method and photoelectric colorimetry principle. Capable of testing for 21 parameters, the Hemaline 300 can also provide you with 3-part WBC differentiation and 3 histograms for comprehensive diagnostics. Its broad memory space also enables you to store more than 100,000 test results which you could manage with the Hemaline 300’s excellent data management system.

Exclusively distributed nationwide by MEDTEK, the Hemaline 300 is equipped to give your workflow a boost. To learn more about the Hemaline 300’s clinical features and benefits, feel free to fill out the form below.