Evaluate Your COVID-19 Vaccine Protection with Neutralizing Antibodies

As is the case with all other vaccines, the protection granted by the COVID-19 vaccine is bound to wane over time. With our national vaccination program still ongoing, it is important to ask vital questions about the vaccines’ efficacy in battling the coronavirus. How long will its effects last? Will the vaccines provide the same level of protection for every individual? Will boosters be needed in the near future?

Taking the Necessary Values

Neutralizing antibodies are antibodies which build protective immunity against re-infection for many infectious pathogens. Quantifying an individual’s level of neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) is considered a key measurement of protection against future infection. This valuable data could allow vaccine administrators and local government units to better implement their vaccination plans and achieve sustainable immunity within their population.

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Testing for Neutralizing Antibodies

The neutralizing antibody assays that we currently have in the market are easy to use but can yield important figures for vaccine administration. These simple blood tests can be used before vaccination to create a baseline for an individual’s NAbs levels. It could then be conducted post-vaccination to measure the improvement in NAbs count and to determine over time if the vaccine maintains the necessary level of protection.

The data yielded by these tests could aid LGUs and the government in their future safety protocols and post-vaccination plans. Such monitoring can be used to better understand what levels of NAbs are required to protect the whole population and help establish future booster dosing schedules needed to sustain vaccine-induced immunity. The future risk levels of waning vaccines could also be better anticipated with regular monitoring. Our country’s recovery could only be achieved and maintained with evidence-based analyses. These tests could give us important insight to safely and effectively overcome this pandemic.

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