Everything You Need To Know About DNA Testing

What is DNA?

DNA is the hereditary material in all living organisms. They are molecules that are inherited in every generation. The strands of DNA contain information that determines our traits and characteristics. 

Each person has a unique DNA sequence. We received our DNA sequencing from half of our parent’s DNA sequence. 

One of the most impressive properties of DNA is that it can make copies of itself. This property is crucial when cells divide since they need to have the exact copy of the DNA present in the old cell. 

DNA testing provides information about health conditions. 

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What are DNA Tests and What Can They Do?

DNA testing analyzes specific parts of the DNA that contains valuable information. DNA testing determines the order of each of the bases at sites of interest. 

There are a lot of things DNA testing can do, such as:

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Diagnosing Genetic Disorders
 This type of DNA testing identifies specific alterations in genes that are linked to certain medical disorders. 

Carrier Testing (Hereditary Disorders)
DNA testing can identify hereditary medical disorders. This type of testing determines whether a person is a carrier of that disorder by identifying specific components in their DNA. 

Predictive Testing
This type of testing identifies people who have a specific genetic variant that can cause increases the risk of medical problems. 

Prenatal Screening
This determines genetic abnormalities in fetuses. 

Transplantation Testing
To improve the success rates of organ transplants: medical professions will test the compatibility of the genes in both the donor and the recipient. 

Lifestyle and Genetic Trait Testing
DNA testing can also be used in less severe medical applications. This type of test analyzes your genes to your metabolism, senses, and others to help you optimize your lifestyle habits. 

 The medical and non-medical settings use DNA testing. They provide information to help us understand our bodies better. It enables us to see the different health conditions in our bodies.