The Personal Lab (Immunoassay Analyzer)

The Personal LAB (PLab) is a fully automated analyzer based on the enzyme immunoassay (EIM) technique. It is a compact and reliable desktop analyzer that can simultaneously process two microplates with multiple assays per plate.

Manufactured by Adaltis Diagnostics
Made in Italy

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2 microplates at 2 different temperatures
Robotic arm that controls the wash head and pipetting
Photometer programmable for single, double or triple ray reading
50, 96 samples rack capacity
Vertical shaker with programmable intensity and timing
Can identify a maximum of 300 samples in appropriate tubes
8 channel washing with dedicated aspiration and dispense heads
Washing volume range of 100 – 2000 µl
Thermally isolated incubator

CE Marked

ISO Certified
Quality Assured by MEDTEK