URIT-8021A (Full-Auto Chemistry Analyzer)

The URIT-8021A Automatic Chemistry Analyzer is a highly stable optical system that uses the Photoelectric Colorimetry principle. It also displays real time status for real time reaction curve monitoring and system working status diagnosis.

Manufactured by URIT Medical Electronic Group Co., Ltd

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Analysis time: 10 minutes
Minimum reaction volume: 180 µl
Throughput: 200 tests per hour
Analysis principle: Photoelectric Colorimetry
Assay methods: Endpoint, Kinetic, and Fix Time
Random access
60 reagent positions
45 sample positions
120 reaction cuvettes
Durable ceramic syringes
External LCD monitor, CPU and built-in printer
24 hour non-stop cooling system
Supports bi-direction LIS and HIS interface

CE Marked

ISO Certified
Quality Assured by MEDTEK