XL-180 (Full-Auto Chemistry Analyzer)

The XL-180 is a fully automated chemistry analyzer with random access bench top system and high throughput for laboratory efficiency and ease. It is piloted by a powerful  software which guides the system through all steps of the assay procedure, optimizes faster sample processing and represents data graphically.

Manufactured by Erba Diagnostics Mannheim GmbH
Made in Germany

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A Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer


The ERBA XL-180 is a fully automated chemistry analyzer with random access bench top system and high throughput for laboratory efficiency and ease. It is piloted by a powerful and user-friendly software which guides the system through all steps of the assay procedure, optimizes faster sample processing, and represents data graphically. Made in Germany.

As a benchtop analyzer, the ERBA XL-180 offers an intuitive user interface that simplifies routine tasks such as loading samples, running assays or printing results while providing advanced features to optimize workflow and increase productivity. This machine delivers exceptional performance with its robust design, high throughput capabilities, flexible configuration options and easy maintenance requirements.


With the ERBA XL-180 you can run up to 4 different assays simultaneously on one instrument without compromising accuracy or precision. Save time by automating many of your lab’s routine procedures including sample preparation, reagent addition, incubation periods and more. Through the analyzer’s modular design you’ll never have to worry about upgrading again – just add modules as needed over time for increased functionality at any budget level and when your lab needs it most.


180 photometric tests/hour

In just under an hour, you can create up to 180 photometric tests completely automated, and displayed in real time data within the user interface. Tests range anywhere from 20 seconds to 15 minutes to complete, depending on which diagnostic and how many are performed simultaneously.

400 tests/hour with ISE (optional)

With the optional ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) paired with the ERBA XL-180, you can complete up to 400 tests per hour on up to 42 test items without the need to continuously wait for each test to finalize before initiating the next test.

Assay modes: 1-Point, 2-Point, Rate-A, Rate-B, and Direct Potentiometry

With variable assay modes, the ERBA XL-180 chemistry analyzer assists you in your daily operations with calculative 1-point, 2-point, rate-A, rate-B and direct potentiometry results (*direct potentiometry when paired with an ISE analyzer).

Maximum of 42 test items + 4 optional ISE

As a completely autonomous diagnostics machine, the ERBA XL-180 allows you to simultaneously contain and test up to 42 test items at a single time, with the comprehensive results you need. You can place up to 25 fixed reagent positions alongside 15 flexible reagent / samples and 2 at room temperature.

Programmable test parameters, calculation items, and profiles

With the consumption of data storage, you can store an unlimited number of tests alongside their test parameters, calculations and profiles with ease. Each test can have pre-programmed parameters with optional programmable reports. During the testing process, you can diagnose real-time monitoring of the reaction curve.

Pre-programmed Quality Control: Levey-Jennings

The ERBA XL-180 has an extensive list of quality control points and rules that follow the Levey-Jennings Quality Control regime. These parameters help guide the results as they are calculated.

Sample and Reaction Volume

As a benchtop chemistry analyzer, the ERBA XL-180 requires only a minimal sample volume of just 2 – 70 µl with 180µl of reagent volume to operate. Reagents are parsed through a sapphire syringe, and reagents are cooled through the onboard reagent cooling system.

Multi-wavelength static photometer

The ERBA XL-180 analyzer’s photometer unit consists of an optical measurement system and a halogen light source. Through its multi-wavelength configuration, the photometer eliminates several optical interferences which can greatly improve analysis efficiency.

8 wavelengths

The ERBA XL-180 quantifies the samples by utilizing the multi-wavelength direct measurement of light which penetrates through the analyzer’s reaction cuvette. For accurate calculations, the ERBA XL-180 is designed to provide you with eight wavelengths (340, 405, 505, 546, 578, 600, 660, and 700 nm).

3 levels of separates dedicated mixer

The ERBA XL-180 is equipped to ensure total incorporation of samples and reagents through its dedicated mixer. The rotating mixer operates in three varying speed levels of low, medium and high to automatically integrate the reagents into your test samples for accurate diagnostics.

Quality Assured

Each machine is ISO certified, CE marked and quality assured by our team at MEDTEK. Our in-house technicians and quality assurance team extensively checks and validates the performance of each machine to comply with a globally recognized high standard. 

Consult with our experts

Our team of in-house technicians and product specialists are located nationwide, and provide each of our customers with after sales service, care and manufacturer support. Our team is ready to consult with you and your lab professionals to configure a seamless lab workflow, ensure compatibility and integration with your current setup. We provide complete training for usability of our machines. Schedule a call back for more information now or request for a demo and quote with our dedicated product specialists.

For all after sales and support, our account managers are available through our customer service team or via email.

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