7 Weird Things to Expect When You Date a Med Tech

1. You don't know if they like you for your personality or for your prominent veins.

It’s pretty much part of the package of what a med tech sees as boyfriend/girlfriend material.

2. They might be late for a date because an analyzer was an attention-seeking drama queen that day.

And they’ll tell you about it all through dinner.

3. All those time spent on mixing and measuring makes cooking pretty easy for them.

The kitchen is basically their lab at home.

4. They'll always point out all the scientific errors on TV shows and movies.

fter months of binge-watching with them, you may find yourself spotting some on your own.

5. There'll always be a steady supply of alcohol and hand sanitizers lying everywhere.

There’s a bottle in their car, their bag, and a tiny one in their pocket, just in case.

6. When you first visited them at work, their lab seemed pretty intimidating.

Now, you see it as a pretty cool place where the magic happens. You’ve also hung out with their workmates at some point. They’re pretty cool too.

7. It's highly possible that they'll hold their pipette more frequently than your hand.

You’ll just have to deal with the sacred bond between a med tech and a pipette.