8 Things Filipino MedTech Students are Tired of Hearing

Being a Medical Technology student takes guts and solid determination because we know that people like us are important. Doctors rely on the test results that we analyze and deliver. Without Med Techs, doctors would probably be nga-nga. We are the team behind the curtain and we are tired of hearing your incessant “Med Tech ka? Ano yun?” (*rolls eyes but unveils a really long scroll about Med Tech*).

Here are the 8 things that Med Tech students experience at least twice a week and are pretty much tired of.

1. “May alcohol ka ba? For sure meron ka,”  

Just because we handle specimens doesn’t mean we always have alcohol with us. We carry so much stuff we don’t even know if we packed one anymore. So, um, no. Borrow from someone else or better yet, buy your own. But still, it’s better to pack alcohol because of emerging diseases. Prevention is better than cure, diba?  

2. Friends constantly asking us if they could try our lab coat on.  

Yes, lab coats make us look cool and the wind makes it even better. It’s our personal protection from splashes or contact for potentially bio-hazardous substances. Our lab coats meant for us and only us. They’re not meant for your entertainment purposes. I’m sure meron sa National Bookstore, so yeah. Buy your own nalang din. #fosho
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3. People think they could ask for blood extraction services from us to avoid hospital fees.  

You want us to extract blood from you unsupervised, outside of the hospital/lab or do you want us to just stab you instead? Hindi kami charity-providing free laboratory tests. #smh

4. Our low-key obsession with veins makes our friends think we’re vampires in disguise. 

Yes, we like seeing thick veins protruding from your skin and inserting a hypodermic needle to drain your blood but we don’t drink it. Tao parin rin naman kami. Sobrang bihira nga lang matulog pero okay lang naman kami.

5. “Ba’t nag-Med Tech ka? Hindi ba kadiri do’n?”

Yes, we examine blood and all kinds of urine and feces so I know you’ll get the impression that we’re okay with being down and dirty. Honestly, it’s not a big deal for us anymore. We chose to be here to feed you with information about what really goes on in your body. Alam na namin yung sakit mo bago mo pa malaman. #tru

6. Because of the white uniforms, people would automatically assume we’re pharmacists, doctors or nurses.  

“Uy fren, masakit braso ko kahapon pa. Di nawawala eh. May gamot ka ba para dito?” The stereotyping is real for this one. Baka gusto mo na ring magpa-physical check up. Manghihiram lang kami ng stethoscope. Akala mo ba meron kami? Wala.   

7. “Busy ka naman lagi eh. Di na bago samin yun,” 

We’re dealing with stuff you don’t understand and we need ample time to figure out a lot of things about what we’re doing because it’s definitely not an easy job. One mishap can lead to a series of catastrophes and we don’t want that. Okay lang talaga na di kami kasama. Iwan nyo na kami. Okay lang talaga. (*quietly sobs in a corner while reading a Microbiology book*)

8. “Ba’t wala ka pang boyfriend/girlfriend?”

The offense is real with this one but we’re so used to hearing this that it doesn’t bother us anymore. Blood is so much thicker than jowa. Busy nga kasi kami. Wag kayong ano. #JowaIsLyfButMedTechIsLyfer

Lin Vergara

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