How to Find the Best Biochemistry Analyzer for Your Lab

What is a biochemistry analyzer for?

Biochemistry analyzers determine the concentration of analytes such as cholesterol, electrolytes, glucose, and calcium. These values are essential to diagnose and treat numerous diseases which includes diabetes, HIV, STD, hepatitis, and kidney conditions. Biochemistry analyzers typically process whole blood, serum, plasma, or urine samples which are usually inputted through a slot or through trays.

What should you consider?

When choosing a biochemistry analyzer, assess the following factors based on your established ideal lab operation:

• whether assay automation is required

• the specificity of the reagents

• the level of accuracy of the measurements

• whether having random access mode is needed

• analyzer’s capacity (maximum number of samples analyzed at the same time)

• optical techniques (colorimetry or photometry) and electrochemical techniques (direct or indirect potentiometry)

• operation method (automatic or semi-automatic)

MEDTEK’s Picks

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AU480 Clinical Chemistry System

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XL-200 Full-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

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XL-180 Full-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

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Chem-7 Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

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URIT-8021A Full-Auto Chemistry Analyzer

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URIT-800 Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyzer