7 Effective Life Hacks for Med Tech Students

Being a med tech student is not the easiest thing in the world. There’s no doubt that we love what we do. But every now and then, we wish there could be ways to make things a bit easier. Like, how do you lessen the pages of a hematology book? (We may not know how yet but we’ll let you know when we have the answer to that.)
The thing with our course is that we learn beyond the books. Somewhere along the way, we figure out how to make med tech life less tedious. We all have our methods, of course. For this week, we’ll be sharing the 7 tried and tested life hacks that all med tech students can use.

Rubber Tourniquet

life hacks
No ponytail? No problem! Just use a rubber tourniquet to tie your hair to prevent it from harmful substances/specimens.

Paper Box Origami

life hacks
When weighing dry powders, containers usually add more weight to the compounds. Make yourself a paper box origami instead. It’s definitely more lightweight and easier to use.


life hacks
If you have no other choice but to use ethanol for your alcohol lamp, then use it. Because desperate times call for desperate measures.

Colorless Nail Polish

life hacks
One alternative for the mounting process is to use colorless nail polish. Believe that your kikay kit can take you far in life.

Human Blood Type O+

life hacks
Try using human blood type O+ instead of horse blood for chocolate agar plate and blood agar plate (But make sure to ask your professor first!).   

Colored Pens and Sticky Notes

life hacks
If it works for some, it could work for you too! Colored pens and sticky notes help you remember your notes better. It’s color-coded plus it makes your notebook colorful!


life hacks
This one is not exactly a hack but in order to focus and live through the day, stay hydrated and drink lots of water. It’s an important element that our body needs. Stay away from sodas, energy drinks, or too much caffeine and stick to water instead. Treat yourself some other time!We hope this article has helped you.
Don’t worry, you’ll be an RMT before you know it! 😉


Lin Vergara, RMT

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