Our Corporate Preventive Measures for COVID-19

MEDTEK and the rest of the JARC Group of Companies have begun implementing various precautionary policies to our nationwide operations. These were put in place in response to the rapidly spreading coronavirus disease in the Philippines. As part of the healthcare industry, our employees are in constant contact with medical practitioners in hospitals and laboratories. It is important for us to ensure our employees’ safety and to support the control and contain efforts of our government.

Person-to-person contact is significantly limited.

On March 9, 2020, all field work was restricted for our sales and service employees. They were all tasked to perform their work in the office through phone calls and emails. Field personnel who are absolutely required to conduct business outside are obligated to wear protective gears.

A travel ban was also strictly imposed. All employees who recently came from overseas or domestic travels were mandated to disclose their travel and practice 15-day self-quarantine. Employees without available leave credits and are being asked to go on mandatory leave will continue to receive their salary.

Safety within the office is a priority.

We have implemented several safety measures within our main office. Majority of visitors were restricted from entering the premises. Every employee was thermo-scanned when entering our premises. The wearing of company-provided masks became mandatory. Aside from masks, the company also provided all employees with their personal rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, and vitamins. All company vehicles are undergoing daily sanitation. Employees who are still required to work at the main office with no private transportation are picked up and dropped off directly at their homes. 

Stringent health monitoring is implemented.

By March 13, 2020, 77% of the company’s employees have been strictly instructed by JARC Group to work from home to further limit their outside exposure due to commuting. Everyone, including the probationary employees, were granted health insurance coverage for the coronavirus disease. A centralized communication system was also launched to track the status of each employee.

With the coronavirus spreading at an unprecedented rate, the JARC Group and our companies hope to give all assistance necessary to ensure the health of our employees. Because as their secondary family, we wish that we could look out for each other in every way possible during these troubling times.