How i-STAT Can Aid in Surgical Procedures

Surgical care is an integral component of the healthcare industry. The impact of surgical intervention on the public health system continues to grow because of the rising number of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and traumatic injury cases.
According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, the Philippine surgical situation has shown an influx and development in using new technologies despite the current economic conditions, especially in our rural areas.
The emerging need for urgent and effective technology has been steadily increasing. Hospitals that use advanced devices have significantly improved essential operational metrics such as average length of stay and have reduced overnight admission rates.

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Improving Metabolic Diagnosis Testing in Surgery Using i-STAT
Technological advancements like the i-STAT can deal with increased demands, drastically decreasing the hours and added expenses in surgery. One of its benefits is that it can provide in vitro quantifications of sodium, potassium, ionized calcium, glucose, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, hematocrit, and total carbon dioxide in arterial or venous whole blood through its basic metabolic test panel.
In the operating room, the i-STAT can be used to yield results quickly and adjust the patient’s treatment. For example, if the i-STAT shows that the patient’s potassium levels are low, the surgeon may administer potassium through an IV to correct the imbalance.
i-STAT’s handheld structure enables bedside testing. This feature eliminates the need to transport and process samples in a separate lab. Providing vital data in real-time can significantly aid healthcare providers in making informed medical decisions.
Overall, the i-STAT can provide all the necessary testing parameters, eliminating the need for medical equipment. It can provide fast and accurate results without laboratory intervention, ultimately saving crucial minutes during time-sensitive surgical procedures

About the i-STAT
The i-STAT is a handheld diagnostic tool that provides lab-quality results within minutes, allowing doctors and other medical professionals to make real-time decisions about patient care. It can measure a variety of different analytes including electrolytes, glucose, hemoglobin, calcium, sodium, creatinine, total carbon dioxide, and many more.


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