Electroline 100 (Electrolyte Analyzer)

The Electroline 100 utilizes ISE technology for the measurement of potassium, sodium, chloride, pH, nCa2+, and CO2 in human blood serum. The Electroline 100 can also measure the contents of potassium, sodium, and chloride in diluted urine. With high performance electrodes, high precision, and wide linearity range, the Electroline 100 can reliably fulfill your need for quality electrolyte diagnostics.

Manufactured by MDX Netherlands B.V.
Made in the Netherlands

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High performance electrodes with high precision and wide linearity range
Real-time detection of each electrode working status
Supports high/low value calibrators with 3 levels of QC
Automatic calibration of slope and intercept values
Excellent electrode shielding system
Display of whole QC graphs
Automatic liquid level detection and alarms
Real-time diagnostic of system status and reagent pack status information
Data storage for 100,000 test results with convenient sample results review

ISO Certified
Quality Assured by MEDTEK