LAURA Smart (Urine Analyzer)

The LAURA Smart reader is a reflection photometer for semi-quantitative urine analysis that uses PHAN LAURA test strips. The evaluation of its reader helps eliminate any subjective interpretation of the color reaction of the diagnostic pads.

Manufactured by Erba Diagnostics Mannheim GmbH
Made in Germany

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Semi-quantitative reflex photometer
User-friendly operation menu
Operates under two modes:
     Standard Timing (incubation inside the reader)
     Smart Timing (incubation outside the reader)
Throughput: 60 strips per hour (240 strips per hour using the Smart Timing)
Wavelengths: 470, 540, 650 nm
Memory capacity: last 200 measurements
Latency: 55 seconds
Automatically recognizes PHAN LAURA test strips
Measuring using LED + color detector
Built-in thermo printer, 2sec / parameter
External communication to PC LIS via RS 232 or USB port
Possible connection to external keyboard or a bar code reader
Possibility to use internal power source for portability

CE Marked

ISO Certified
Quality Assured by MEDTEK