HCV Blot 3.0 Western Blot Test

The HCV Blot 3.0 Western Blot Test is a line immunoblot assay for the detection of antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus.

Manufactured by MP Biomedicals, LLC
Made in USA

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Tests serum or plasma (EDTA or citrate) samples
Serum control band that detects assay procedural error and false negative results
Confirmatory testing for HCV infection

Nitrocellulose strips (available in 18 or 36 strips)
Non-reactive control (1 vial, 80 µl)
Reactive control (1 vial, 80 µl)
Stock buffer concentrate 10x (1 bottle, 20 ml)
Wash buffer concentrate 20x (1 bottle, 70 ml)
Conjugate (1 vial, 120 µl)
Substrate ( 1 bottle, 100 ml)
Blotting powder (10 packets, 1g each)
Incubation tray (2 or 4 trays, 9 wells each)
Instruction manual

CE Marked

ISO Certified
Quality Assured by MEDTEK