The 7 Types of Med Techs You’ll Meet at the Lab

1. The Lab BFF

There’s always gonna be that one person in the lab that just ~gets you~. They find your weird humor funny and they let you rant about that one time you-know-who did you-know-what. You have no idea how you’ll survive without them. I mean, who’s gonna tell the most perfect alibi for your coming in late?
Where you’ll find them: Literally next to you, giggling at something you saw under the microscope.


2. The Klutz

Your lab has made it a point to buy extra test tubes because a certain someone seems to break five of them every week. It’s not their fault. Some people are just cursed with clumsiness. They usually make up for it with apology coffee and snacks. How can you say no to that?
Where you’ll find them: At their workstation, whispering “oops” and “I’m sorry” fifty times to no one in particular


3. The Yoda

This one’s been with the lab since the very beginning. They actually have enough experience to build and manage their own lab but for reasons unknown, they’re still here. Not that you’re complaining. No one knows the ins and outs of the job better than them. They’re also a never-ending source of quotable words of wisdom.
Where you’ll find them: Struggling with an analyzer while talking about how easier life was back in the old days


4. The Wild Card

It’s pretty hard to describe this one because there’s not much to tell. They come in, do their job, and go home. You’ve tried to talk to them but they give you nothing beyond the usual one-syllable responses. You could be annoed but they’re just too intriguing that you’ll just have to try and talk to them.
Where you’ll find them: Blending in with all the lab equipment, sometimes appearing beside you from out of nowhere


5. The Analyzer Whisperer

You don’t know why but the analyzers just love this person. Every test comes out smoothly for them. Whenever the analyzers start beeping like crazy, this person just knows what to do. Some people are just blessed with the magic touch.
Where you’ll find them: Caressing the sides of the analyzer while calibrating or running blood tests


6. The Speedster

You would like to concentrate on your job but you always find yourself staring at this person. Just look at how fast they’re pipetting! Without a single misplaced drop, it’s a daily spectacle for you to watch their ninja skills in full display. You’re still silently wishing for the day they’ll share with you the art of pro-level pipetting.

Where you’ll find them: Pipetting like there’s no tomorrow (Their hand may or may not be smoking from their sheer speed)


7. The Intern

With the wide-eyes and eager beaver attitude, this aspiring med tech reminds you of your internship days. While you would like to shield this pure cinnamon roll from the toxic-ness of lab, you’re also very excited for them to begin their own med tech life.

Where you’ll find them: Shadowing you and and asking questions with answers you still don’t know (e.g. Why did you choose to be a med tech?)