What to Consider when Celebrating the Holidays during COVID-19

During this Christmas season, remain mindful of the threats of COVID-19. When planning your holiday activities, take into consideration the preparations you could do to have the least possible chances of spreading the virus among your families, friends, and communities. With COVID-19 cases expected to surge during the month, it is important to be more vigilant than ever about our health and well-being.

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Here are some of the factors that you should definitely consider for a safe holiday season with your loved ones. Please note that these tips are supplementary, not alternatives or substitutions, to the established local COVID-19 protocols.

1. Virtual Celebrations
Staying in your own households while participating in Christmas parties online remains as the best option for holiday festivities. Virtual get-togethers eliminate the hassle of travel, testing requirements, self-quarantine, and constant disinfection while providing you with the least exposure to the coronavirus.

2. Exposure from Travel
Consider that those traveling will have to go through areas such as airports, bus stations, train stations, public transport, and rest stops. Being situated in these public spaces can significantly increase the likelihood of viral transmission which could further spread during a social gathering.

3. People in Attendance
If possible, guests should avoid contact with people outside of their households for 14 days before the gathering. Individuals who fit one of the following descriptions should neither host nor attend social gatherings during the holidays:
– is diagnosed with COVID-19
– has COVID-19 symptoms
– awaiting COVID-19 test results
– has been exposed to a confirmed case in the past 14 days
– within the high risk demographics

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4. Venue of the Gathering
Keep in mind that indoor locations with poor ventilation increase risk of viral transmission. Make sure that the area and all commonly touched surfaces and objects have been disinfected thoroughly. Ensure that there is enough space for all guests to remain reasonably apart.

5. Crowd Control
Social distancing, wearing of masks, and constant handwashing must be strictly observed. It is advised for guests to bring their own plates and utensils to avoid contamination during food service. Follow national and regional regulations on the protocols and allowable volume of attendees during the gathering.

Remember to spend your holidays season safely and wisely. As stated above, everyone is still encouraged to stay at home. If you do decide to attend or host a social gathering, always take all the necessary precautions to keep the coronavirus at bay.

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